Women Leaders in Higher Education

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Mai 2010



Women who occupy leadership positions in most male dominated work environments, such as the higher education sector, face unique experiences and challenges in executing their administrative and other professional duties. These experiences include the way women perceive their leadership roles, the way they juggle their family and work responsibilities and the problems that they confront as women leading men and women in traditionally male-dominated fields. The major purpose of this study is to investigate the work-related experiences of Black women leaders working within the higher education sector of Zimbabwe and to explore how those experiences are influenced by the major contextual factors of race, class, gender, nationality and sexuality. An additional goal of the study is to examine how the leadership characteristics of the women relate to those articulated by indigenous approaches to leadership in Zimbabwe.


Dr. Miriam Miranda Chitiga is an interdisciplinary, global researcher and scholar whose work is centered on investigating issues relating to social justice. Her PhD. is in Educational Leadership and Policies, with specialization in Higher Education. She is a full-time professor teaching Leadership, Gender Studies, Research Methods.
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Untertitel: The intersections of Race, Class and Gender in the Experiences of Female Leaders in Zimbabwe. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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