Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom

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In Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom Roy Bhaskar sets out to develop a critique of the work of Richard Rorty, who must be one of the most influential authors of recent decades. In a brilliant tour de force, Bhaskar shows how Rorty falls victim to the very epistemological problematic Rorty himself describes.


Introduction Section 1- Anti Rory Part 1 - Knowledge Part 2 - Agency Part 3 -Politics Part 4 - Kibitzing Section 2 - For Critical Realism Appendix 1 - Social Theory and Moral Philosophy Appendix 2 - Marxist Philosophy from Marx to Althusser


Roy Bhaskar is the originator of the philosophy of critical realism, and the author of many acclaimed and influential works including A Realist Theory of Science, The Possibility of Naturalism, Scientific Realism and Human Emancipation, Dialectic: The Pulse of Freedom, Plato Etc., From Science to Emancipation, Reflections on meta-Reality and (with Mervyn Hartwig) The Formation of Critical Realism. He is an editor of Critical Realism: Essential Readings and Interdisciplinarity and Climate Change and was the founding chair of the Centre for Critical Realism. He is currently a World Scholar at the University of London Institute of Education.


"Philosophy and the Idea of Freedom is full of fascinating, important ideas and insights, and is immensely timely. It will have a deeply beneficial effect, and will surely be very widely read and discussed." -- Professor Terry Eagleton, University of Oxford
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