Microchannel Heat Sink

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Mai 2010



In this thesis, analytical, CFD and some experimental studies of microchannel heat sink (MHS) were performed. This thesis develops a closed-loop single-phase microchannel cooling system using de- ionized water as a coolant fluid for high heat flux integrated circuits. The design, fabrication and closed-loop system using MHS, pump, filter and heat exchanger is summarized. A Ni-Cr wire heat source is fabricated as a heater. A copper heat exchanger is designed to dissipate heat from the heated fluid coming out of the MHS. Some experiments were performed in the fabrication of microchannels on a (110) wafer. After the fabrication, MHS was bonded with BOROFLOAT® Glass. The parameters in this study include variable flow rates of coolant and power densities of heat source with uniform wall thickness and channel width of the microchannel heat sink.


Shahi Riaz is a Thermal Design Engineer at Laird Technologies Inc where he has been involved in the design & development of thermal management products & solutions. He was previously a Thermal Scientist at Graftech International Ltd. Dereje Agonafer is a Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington.
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