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Software models were built to control development stages and serve as a medium that gives better understanding of the actual software implementation. An aim of this research is to integrate measurement in software process modelling, to show that measurement in modelling software processes is important whereby to reduce flaws in developing large software. Selecting a modeling technique is essential to the designers and it depends on the needs of the system. This research focused on IDEF3 Standard notation as its approach to design software process models. The language syntax provided by IDEF3 standard are modified and enhanced to suit the aim of the research, named as IDEF3-SPMA language. Attribute grammar approach is used to verify IDEF3-SPMA language construct. A prototype tool for automatic process model metrics calculation namely Software Process Measurement Application (SPMA) is developed to realize the metric measurement. It is concluded that this research has produced an environment consisting of design notation, language constructs, tool that enabled masurement metrics to be calculated automatically, metric inferences and appropriate advices.


The writer was born on Mersing, Johor. A member of family consisting eight brothers and sisters. Gained her first degree in 1996, Master's degree in 1998 and PhD in 2005, fully sponsored by the government of Malaysia. After finishing her PhD, she has been appointed as lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia.
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