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From wheel chair to fitness and to normal walking through self training Therapy to overcome the spastic hemiparesis after a stroke
An application integrated into daily life as a continuous improvement process

Expanded edition:
Optimized walking, Remobilization of the hand, the newest developments: WalkAide system, Saeboflex training, Lokomat and proven conventional training machines like Gallileo and practice with the Ellipse-trainer; Experiences in the general public:
Friendly composure and positive aura, Fall propylaxis, Fall under minimization of the injury risk, Inevitable collisions, Cake-eating little fur bearing animals and other contemporaries, About the choice of acquaintances and friends.

The 1.practice book worldwide for the self training of stroke survivors
The book describes the successful fight against the results of a stroke, the development of a practically oriented therapy and the exercises which lead to the success.

The book is directed as a matter of priority at stroke patients with motor deficits. It contains a comprehensive practise share. The exercises are documented with photos, are described in detail and commented. All exercises are integrated into the daily life. Therefore, they can be well carried out in parallel with the physiotherapeutic treatment or as a long-term application in the way of the own training up to the extensive or complete remission.

The Roeder therapy concept, a comprehensive therapy for overcoming the spastic hemiparesis after a stroke as a continuous improvement prcocess (CIP): Elements of the therapy concept: 24 hours management * integration of all exercises in the daily routine * elements of the Bobath concept * modified Feldenkrais exercises * modified Tai- Chi exercises * Motomed training * IMF therapy, intension steered Myofeedback * training program * standardized own training-plans with about 50, with the respiration synchronized exercises, stretch and movement exercises. * PMR, progressive muscle relaxion to Jacobson * support of the adult neuro genesis after Kempermann * support by drugs in accordance with the guidelines of the AWMF * test of the drugs and adequate dosage patterns * use of aids to the enforcement of more correctly "Postural sets."



THE AUTHORRöder Frank W. D. Dipl.-Ing., engineer (M.Sc.) architect DWB, a.o. M. BDA, Financial President retd., born in Ludwigshafen / Rh., new-linguistic and scientific high school Frankenthal, intensive activity of painting and graphic arts, art exhibitions at home and abroad, in 1958 bronze medallion Paris-Colombes, title graphic arts for a book row at the Belz publishing company, foreign study trips, exchange with the École Polytechnique, in 1959 "Abitur" certifiicate (general qualification for university), in 1959-60 basic military services, army officer candidate school (OCS) of Hannover and pioneer's school of Munich, education in dynamiting, substitute bridge building and road construction, army officer, combat pioneer battalion, lieutenant, in 1960 study of the architecture at the university of Karlsruhe (KIT), in parallel with study employee with free architects, complete implementation of the projects, court certificates, among other things, in 1970 Dipl.Ing. (M.Sc.) architecture faculty of the university Karlsruhe (KIT), from 1970 activity as an architect, director and exec. construction manager, in 1985-88 audit courts Baden-Württemberg, manager of the spheres architecture, town planning and construction of stadias and sports grounds, principle speaker, in 1995 Financial President, head of the state immovable and construction management, chairman of the art commission B.W. for the country share Baden, m. of the university advisory board of the university Freiburg, m. of the board of trustees at the university of applied sciences Pforzheim, member of the monument council at the regional government Karlsruhe, 2003 Financial President and head of the country company "Federal Constructions B.W." and chairman of the art commission "Federal Constructions B.W.", member of the monument council at the regional government Freiburg, from 2004 after stroke active as architect and author, publications: "Our cultural heir: Castles+gardens in B.W."http://web.me.com/frank_roeder/FRANK_W._D._ROEDER/Willkommen.html
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Untertitel: From wheel chair to fitness and to normal walking by selft-training Therapy to overcome the spastic hemiparesis after a stroke Application integrated into daily life as a continuous improvement process 1. practice book for stroke survivors. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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