Agent and Multi-agent Technology for Internet and Enterprise Systems

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Juni 2010



Research in multi-agent systems offers a promising technology for problems with networks, online trading and negotiations but also social structures and communication. This is a book on agent and multi-agent technology for internet and enterprise systems. The book is a pioneer in the combination of the fields and is based on the concept of developing a platform to share ideas and presents research in technology in the field and application to real problems. The chapters range over both applications, illustrating the possible uses of agents in an enterprise domain, and design and analytic methods, needed to provide the solid foundation required for practical systems.


Performance Models for Multi-agent Systems and Mobile Agent Network.- Service Oriented Architecture and Agents: Parallels and Opportunities.- Service Fusion in Mobile Contexts.- Environmental Impact Assessment by Multi-Agent Systems.- Multi-Agent Forex Trading System.- Information Coordination Using Meta-agents in Information Logistics Processes.- Social Network Analysis Based Approach to Trust Modeling for Autonomous Multi-agent Systems.- Logical Analysis of Multi-agent Kripke Structures.- Multi-Agent Systems and Large State Spaces.- Automatically Creating Hierarchies of Agents and Meta-agents Using Clustering.- A Role-Based Cognitive Architecture for Multi-Agent Teaming.- Mobile Agents and Eventually Perfect Predicate Detection: An Intelligent General Approach to Monitoring Distributed Systems.- Personalized Ontology-Based Recommender Systems for Multimedia Objects.- Toward Emotional E-Commerce.- Web-Based Affective Human-Agent Interaction Generation.
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