Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems

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April 2011



"Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems" is composed of a collection of papers received in response to an announcement that was widely distributed to academicians and practitioners in the broad area of computational biology and software tools. Also, selected authors of accepted papers of BIOCOMP'09 proceedings (International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: July 13-16, 2009; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) were invited to submit the extended versions of their papers for evaluation.


Preface.- Computational Methods for Microarray, Gene Expression Analysis, and Gene Regulatory Networks.- Bioinformatics Databases, Data Mining, and Pattern Discovery Techniques.- Protein Classification & Structure Prediction, and Computational Structural Biology.- Comparative Sequence, Genome Analysis, Genome Assembly, and Genome Scale Computational Methods.- Experimental Medicine and Analysis Tools.- Computational Methods for Filtering, Noise Cancellation, and Signal & Image Processing.- Computer-Based Medical Systems.- Software Packages and Other Computational Topics in Bioinformatics.- Index.
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