Kierkegaard, Religion and the Nineteenth-Century Crisis of Culture

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Pattison examines Kierkegaard's religious thought in relation to contemporary debates about religion, culture and society.


GEORGE PATTISON is Lecturer in Practical Theology at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.


'A set of studies that are genuinely original and thought-provoking.' John Saxbee, Church Times 'Kierkegaard's purpose, in these feuilleton writings, is 'to help us to develop, to refine and to sharpen the way in which we read our cultural situation, the way in which to read the signs of the times'. But before we can benefit from his wisdom in that regard, we have first to learn how to read Kierkegaard; and this is exactly what Pattison helps us to do in this always erudite and often entertaining collection.' Church Times 'Pattison's scrupulously researched work uncovers a Kierkegaard in many ways unfamiliar, and along the way counters a few myths that have grown up around him.' The London Magazine 'No one who studies Kierkegaard should be able to ignore it, and it should have something to offer all who are seeking to think what it means to live in and beyond modernity.' Theology '... has performed the long-neglected and inestimably valuable service of situating Kierkegaard within the homiletic, academic, literary, and feuilleton literature of Denmark ... a very full and satisfying discussion by this most astute, well-informed, and profound contemporary commentator on Kierkegaard.' The Heythrop Journal
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