Social service Delivery in Developing countries

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Mai 2010



It has been argued that the partnering of public and private sectors improve the delivery of municipal social services. In this study, I analyze the roles and relationships between the public and private actors, the constraints hampering success and suggest mechanisms of bettering the partnership. Qualitative techniques including In depth interviews and Focus Group discussions were used to collect the data. The study reveals that the participation of the private sector has generally improved solid waste management in Makindye Division in medium to high income areas. However, the Public Local Authority is not committed to subsidizing waste collection in non profitable low income areas. Despite not being legally recognized, material scavengers help in the recovery and reuse of materials at the Kiteezi Landfill. However, the absence of effluent gas monitoring and tapping equipment at the landfill is posing a potential environmental hazard. The study recommends administrative overhauls, waste management policy amendments, technical improvements and economic investments to dependence on central government.


Frank has taught at Makerere University since 2001. He obtained his BA Environmental Management at the same University, his Mphil Developing Studies (Geography) at NTNU, Norway.He is currently pursing his PhD at NMMU, South Africa. His research interests include rural/urban services and systems, global environmental change,land use/change processes
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Untertitel: The Public-private approach to Municipal solid waste management. How does it work in Makindye Division, Kampala District, Uganda?. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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