Lean Thinking

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It is an increasing desire of clients, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders in the construction industry to maximise value and minimise waste in the construction project delivery process.The lean thinking philosophy which seeks to maximise value but minimise waste in the project delivery process has therefore become topical. This book is the outcome of a research carried out to establish the possibility of applying lean thinking in the construction industry of a developing country in Africa, Ghana. The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter one contains a background discussion of the work. Chapter two contains a review of various theoretical opinions on the concept of lean thinking. The procedure for data collection and analysis is outlined in chapter three. A discussion of the findings of the study is contained in the fourth chapter. The last chapter contains a summary of the findings, conclusion and recommendations. The content of this book should provide an insight into the lean thinking concept in the construction industry, and should particularly be useful to students, researchers and practitioners of architecture, construction management and engineering.


BSc.(Arch), PGDip.(Arch), MSc.(Const. Mgt.), AGIA: Currently a practicing Architect and a Lecturer at the Department of Building Technology, Sunyani Polytechnic, Sunyani, Ghana. His research interests include lean construction, ecoarchitecture, vernacular architecture and sustainable building systems.
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