Value Orientations and Socialisation

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Mai 2010



The purpose of this case study was to determine the value orientations of health and physical education students (HPE) in an Australian physical education teacher education (PETE) program. Additionally, I was interested in the sympathy or otherwise in the relationship between the explicit Queensland HPE curriculum values and the value profiles of a cohort of pre-service teachers. Values were measured with the Value Orientation Inventory-2 (VOI-2) developed by Ennis and Chen, (1993). The culture and the curriculum goals of HPE and health and physical education teacher education (HPETE), contribute to the socialisation and construction of value orientations (Solmon & Ashy, 1995). Descriptive statistics were compiled for all five-value orientations, along with t-tests and ANOVA's. Participants (N=33) were recruited from the 3rd year HPE cohort at a large Australian University and were tested pre and post semester 2, 2007.


I am currently a Health and Physical Education teacher in Auckland New Zealand. I have an increasing academic interest in health and physical education teacher socialisation and professional development. Additionally, I have an interest in pastoral care, and student perceptions of health and physical education.
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