Role and Responsibilities of Women Associations for Women development

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November 2012



This book contains reports of case studies on a current issues of the women and their associations and their responsibilities including their development through associations are doing constantly through varieties of programmes. Today there are number of women associations in the society are taking reponsibilities for the development of women along with giving stabilities of economic earning and education.So in this book I would like to give you information on women associations and their duties responsibilities and their functions for the purpose of women development.


Dr.S.Padmamma from Kuvempu University, Shimogs.She has completed MA,MLIISc,PhD from University of Mysore in Karnataka State.Now she is working as a Reader in Dept.Of Library & Information Scinece,Kuvempu University.She has professional experience of 16 years in teaching.And also she has membership with different professional bodies.
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