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In the first Chapter of this thesis I have presented a theoretical report on management. For the beginning I have described the history of management, the function of a manager and other theoretical issues. In the Second Chapter I have made an analysis of IMC Leasing Moldova, which is a subsidiary of IMC Leasing International. In this chapter I have discussed the evolution of leasing in Moldova, the business strategy of the company and finally I have presented a financial analysis of the company for the last years. In the financial analysis of the company I have calculated such economic indicators as Net Assets, Profit, Rate of Financial Stability, the Coefficient of Attracting Borrowed and Own Resources and other important ones. Next, in the third Chapter I have presented how the management functions are reflected on IMC Leasing Moldova by describing the functions and mentioning the weak points. Finally, in the last chapter I have proposed several solutions how the organization could improve its performance especially through accurate planning.


My name is Spoiala Valeria and I was born in the beautiful city of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova a small country in Eastern Europe. Economy for me is very important as only through the understanding of economy can a person create a happy and beautiful family life.
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