Tales of Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal

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September 2010



In this new edition the writings of the young Bront"es - Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Branwell - are presented together for the first time in a single volume. The fantasy worlds of Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal, experiments in romance and realism, provided a rich source for their later work and offer an insight into their developing creativity.


Christine Alexander is co-author (with Margaret Smith) of The Oxford Companion to the Bront"es (2003). Her critical study on The Early Writings of Charlotte Bront"e (1983) won the British Academy Rose Mary Crawshay Prize and she has edited a multi-volume Edition of the Early Writings of Charlotte Bront"e (1987, 1991, vol. 3 forthcoming).


Extraordinary... Christine Alexander's imaginative and meticulous editing makes the juvenilia accessible for the first time. Samantha Ellis, Times Literary Supplement 05/11/2010
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