Joanna Lumley

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"First published in 1999 -- Second edition 2009."


Introduction: First Lady; 1 Early Childhood; 2 St Mary's; 3 Modelling; 4 James; 5 The Breaking of Bumbo; 6 Mrs Jeremy Lloyd; 7 Seventies Struggle; 8 New Avengers; 9 Into the Eighties; 10 Marriage and Revelations; 11 The Nineties, Absolutely; 12 Fighting for the Cause; Epilogue; Major TV Roles and Appearances; Films.


During a distinguished career as a Fleet Street showbusiness writer, Tim Ewbank covered assignments all over the world for several newspapers including the Daily Mail. He has also written for a wide range of magazines and worked in TV and radio. Tim comes from Kent and has two children, Emma and Oliver. Stafford Hildred is one of Britain's best-known television critics and showbusiness writers. After a long spell in Fleet Street, he worked for ITV and established the Wordstar entertainment media group. He comes from Lincolnshire and now lives in Derbyshire with his wife Janet and daughters Claire and Rebecca. Tim and Stafford have written several books together, including best-selling biographies of Rod Stewart, David Jason, John Thaw, Cliff Richard and Julie Christie.
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