Lensbaby: Bending your perspective

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Lensbaby lenses offer photographers endless creative opportunities. While the technical aspects of using a Lensbaby are relatively simple, maximizing the creative potential of these lenses isnt so easy. Thats where this book comes in. Written in conjunction with Lensbaby by a highly experienced Lensbaby Guru, this is the first book of its kind that provides all of the information that dedicated Lensbaby fans need to know to create stunning, surreal photographs. Each piece of equipment is covered in detail. Then comes the fun stuff! The book is packed with lots of ideas for creative composition, interesting subjects to shoot, and working with all of the cool Lensbaby accessories. Beautiful galleries from some of the best Lensbaby shooters complete the package and provide inspiration for the reader to get the most out of their Lensbaby. See lensbaby.com for more information.


Introduction; Chapter 1:The Lenses;Portfolio I; Chapter 2:Using your Lensbaby; Portfolio II; Chapter 3: Optics and accessories; Portfolio III; Chapter 4: Creating the look;Portfolio IV; Chapter 5: Creative ideas, tips and tricks; Chapter 6: Troubleshooting;Community Gallery; Conclusion; Index


Corey Hilz is a professional photographer specializing in nature and travel photography. His work is seen in magazines, books, calendars and catalogues, as well as in art galleries. Corey finds the diversity in nature offers boundless opportunities for new images. He approaches his subjects with an artistic eye, looking for a fresh perspective. Corey shares his approach to photography in workshops he teaches in the United States and abroad. Corey has a passion for helping others improve their photography by sharing his knowledge through group and private instruction.


"[O]ffers a fine survey of possibilities for using different lenses in the Lensbaby suite. Tips on composition accompany full color images created by a Lensbaby expert with complete coverage of all Lensbaby accessories and systems packing a practical guide to photography recommended for any serious user or collection."---BookWatch
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