Confessions of an Entrepreneur: How to Survive the Highs and Lows of Starting Up

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Robson has collected here stories and anecdotes from real life everyday entrepreneurs, and captures the tears and laughter for all to enjoy. Both an entertaining read and a practical business guide, written in a journalistic style.


Introduction About the entrepreneurs Acknowledgements PART 1 Prepare for battle Chapter 1 Blood brothers Chapter 2 Genius or madness Chapter 3 Telling stories Chapter 4 A sacrificial lamb Chapter 5 Bottle the highs to cope with the lows PART 2 Taking the strain Chapter 6 Cutting and re-cutting Chapter 7 Slicing the lamb Chapter 8 Friends, allies and mentors Chapter 9 When jealousy is a good thing Chapter 10 Pals or partners PART 3 In the danger zone Chapter 11 Challenging your own assumptions Chapter 12 Loving the middleman Chapter 13 Not knowing Chapter 14 Going with your gut Chapter 15 Finding your North Star Chapter 16 Don't spare the rod PART 4 Dusk or dawn Chapter 17 Building the right family Chapter 18 In the red or in the black Chapter 19 Killing your baby Chapter 20 Champagne Chapter 21 Getting out of the ditch Chapter 22 Homerun Summary: Bittersweet


Chris Robson is a CEO and a serial entrepreneur. He has a track record of creating significant growth and profit across a range of marketing services, digital and media businesses. In the 80's Robson cut his teeth with Hanson before becoming the youngest Director of advertising agency DMB&B. After completing an MBA at London Business School, he built up and floated the Internet services company, Syzygy, on the German Stock Exchange in 2000, raising 55mEURO and with a market valuation of 240mEURO. He is a Founding Director of Ink publishing, the world's largest producer of in-flight media and was CEO of Edengene the leading growth and innovation consultancy where he advised companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, PepsiCo, RBS, Santander, O2 & J&J. More recently he co-founded the You Wish Group, providing innovative Internet services to large companies and raising investment for a new service launching in autumn 2010.
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