The Land Is the Source of the Law: A Dialogic Encounter with Indigenous Jurisprudence

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November 2010



Brings an inter-jurisdictional dimension to the field of indigenous jurisprudence: comparing Indigenous legal regimes in New Zealand, the USA and Australia. This title offers a 'dialogical encounter with an Indigenous jurisprudence' in which individuals are characterised by their rights and responsibilities into the Land.


Part 1: The Journey Begins 1. My Camp 2. The Camp of the Talngai-Gawarima Part 2: Camps of the Senior Law Men 3. Feeling the Djang: The Camp of Senior Law Man Neidjie 4. The Spider or the Web? The Camp of Senior Law Man Mowaljarlai 5. Health and Land: The Camp of Wandjuk Marika Part 3: Travelling the Land 6. The Journeys - Moving between Camps 7. The Camp of 'Caring for Country': The World of Plains of Promise 8. The Camp from Turtle Island: Thunderheart 9. The Camp from the Sparkling Waters of the Pacific Part 4: Completing the Circle 10. The End of the Journey: A Camp of Contemporary Concerns


Griffith University, Australia
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