The Disciplines of Education

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August 2010



Considers the fortunes of the disciplines as education moved away from the dominance of psychology as a result of the importance of the other disciplines, and how the epistemological and political debates have resulted in their progressive demise.


Introduction 1. The Disciplines of Education in the UK: Between the Ghost and the Shadow Martin Lawn and John Furlong 2. Philosophy of Education in the UK: The Historical and Contemporary Tradition Alis Oancea and David Bridges 3. Sociology of Education; A Critical History and Prospects for the Future Hugh Lauder, Phillip Brown and A. H. Halsey 4. The Psychology of Education: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities W. Ray Crozier 5. The History of Education - A Curious Case? Joyce Goodman and Ian Grosvenor 6. The Contribution of the Economics of Education to Education Lorraine Dearden, Stephen Machin and Anna Vignoles 7. Comparative and International Education: Policy Transfer, Context Sensitivity and Professional Development Michael Crossley and Keith Watson 8. Towards a Geography of Education Chris Taylor 9. Gaining a Commanding Voice Sheldon Rothblatt 10. Disciplines of Education; The Value of Disciplinary Self Observation Edwin Keiner 11. Disciplines of Education and their Role in the Future of Educational Research; Concluding Reflections John Furlong and Martin Lawn


John Furlong is a Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, UK. Martin Lawn is a Professorial Research Fellow at the Department of Education, University of Oxford, UK.
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