Doubled and Venerable

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September 2010



The third book in the series featuring the bridge-playing monks of St. Titus, whose humor enhances the bridge deals, which are always of considerable technical interest Terence Reese's and David Bird's sparkling stories about the exploits of the bridge-playing monks of St. Titus continue to delight readers the world over. Their huge success lies not only in their being extremely funny, but also in their being instructional, as they are crammed with gems of bridge bidding and play. Bridge enthusiasts who have not yet encountered the Abbot and his monastic team should make their acquaintance without delay.


David Bird is recognised as the world's leading humorous bridge writer. He is also a bridge player of distinction and is the bridge critic of the MAIL ON SUNDAY, the EVENING STANDARD and the GLASGOW TIMES. He lives in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Terence Reese: deceased WE HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS BOOK. IF YOU WRITE A REVIEW, WOULD YOU BE KIND ENOUGH TO SEND A COPY TO: PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT, ORION PUBLISHING GROUP, ORION HOUSE, 5 UPPER SAINT MARTIN'S LANE, LONDON WC2H 9EA. ALTERNATIVELY, COULD YOU EMAIL IT TO: publicity.enquiries@orionbooks.co.uk


"Delightful . . . as amusing and droll as it is instructive." --"English Bridge"
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