Reading Sartre: On Phenomenology and Existentialism

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August 2010



Jean-Paul Sartre is widely acknowledged to be one of the most important and controversial philosophers of the twentieth century. In this volume, a team of leading international philosophers examine the nature and extent of Sartre¿s achievement and consider its importance to contemporary philosophy. The chapters, all of which are commissioned for this volume, cover the central aspects of Sartre¿s philosophy. These include: The ethics of authenticity Freedom Imagination Emotion The body Perception and action in Sartre¿s Nausea Ontology and nothingness Existentialism and psychoanalysis Art and aesthetics Selfhood and self-awareness Reading Sartre: On Phenomenology and Existentialism is an indispensable resource for understanding Sartre¿s philosophy. It is essential reading for students of phenomenology, existentialism, ethics and aesthetics and anyone interested in the relationship between phenomenology and analytic philosophy.


1. The Ethics of Authenticity Christine Daigle 2. Imagination in Non-Representational Painting Andreas Elpidorou 3. What Is It Like To Be Free? Matthew C. Eshleman 4. The Transcendental Dimension of Sartre's Philosophy Sebastian Gardner 5. Being Colonized Azzedine Haddour 6. A Sartrean Critique of Introspection Anthony Hatzimoysis 7. Imagination and Affective Response Robert Hopkins 8. The Significance of Context in Illustrative Examples Andrew Leak 9. The Graceful, the Ungraceful, and the Disgraceful Katherine J. Morris 10. Magic in Sartre's Early Philosophy Sarah Richmond 11. Alienation, Objectification, and the Primacy of Virtue Alan Thomas 12. Bad Faith and the Other Jonathan Webber 13. Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness and the Autobiographical Ego Kenneth Williford 14. Shame and the Exposed Self Dan Zahavi. Bibliography of Sartre's Works Cited. Bibliography of Other Works Cited. Index


Jonathan Webber is Lecturer in Philosophy at Cardiff University. He is the author of The Existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre (Routledge, 2009) and translator of Sartre's book The Imaginary (Routledge, 2004).
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