Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School

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September 2010



What is the role of the individual school 'subject' and 'subject teacher' within school? Is it to teach a set of core subject knowledge, skills and understanding in way that remains faithful to long-standing subject cultures and pedagogies? This book argues for a skillful pedagogy which helps in teaching the work of the individual teacher.


1. Introduction: The context for cross-curricular teaching and learning
2. The principles and purposes for cross-curricular teaching and learning
3. The pedagogy of cross-curricular teaching and learning
4. The language and literacy of cross-curricular teaching and learning
5. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a mediating tool for cross-curricular teaching and learning
6. Assessment and evaluation within cross-curricular teaching and learning
7. Metaphors for a cross-curricular future


Jonathan Savage is a Reader in Education at the Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University and Managing Director of UCan.tv. His research interests include implementing new technologies in education, cross-curricular approaches to teaching and learning, supporting gifted and talented students, creativity and assessment.
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