Nietzsche's Anti-Darwinism

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August 2010



Argues for the importance of Darwin for the development of Nietzsche's philosophy, but emphasizes the antagonistic character of their relationship.


Introduction; Part I. Early Darwinism to the 'Anti-Darwin': 1. Towards the 'Anti-Darwin': Darwinian meditations in the middle period; 2. Overcoming the 'Man' in Man: Zarathustra's transvaluation of Darwinian categories; 3. Nietzsche Agonistes: a personal challenge to Darwin; Part II. Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals: 4. Nietzsche's 'Nature'; or, whose playing field is it anyway?; 5. The birth of morality out of the spirit of the 'Bad Conscience'; 6. Darwin's 'Science': or, how to beat the shell game; Conclusion; Bibliography.


Dirk R. Johnson is Associate Professor of Modern Languages at Hampden-Sydney College, USA.


'Critics and advocates alike have long held that Nietzsche's ideas are an extension of Darwin's scientific legacy and that his criticisms of Darwinian theory are based on fundamental misunderstandings. In this subtle and insightful study, Dirk Johnson aims to overturn these assumptions, allowing us to appreciate the autonomy of Nietzsche's philosophical thinking. Johnson's careful and balanced examination of this crucial test case results in a powerful critique of the prevalent naturalistic approach to Nietzsche. This book will change the debate and become a benchmark for future work on this topic.' Paul S. Loeb, University of Puget Sound 'This book makes an important intervention in contemporary Nietzsche studies in the English-speaking world ... Johnson has written a study that merits being read by anyone with an interest in Nietzsche's relation to science, especially Darwinism, and an investment in the stakes of reading one of Nietzsche's masterpieces, On the Genealogy of Morality.' Keith Ansell-Pearson, Journal of Nietzsche Studies
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