Electronic Thin-Film Reliability

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Based on a graduate course at UCLA, this book describes reliability and failure of thin films.


1. Thin film applications to microelectronic technology; 2. Thin film deposition; 3. Surface energy in thin films; 4. Atomic diffusion in crystalline solids; 5. Applications of diffusion equation; 6. Elastic stress and strain in thin films; 7. Surface kinetic processes on thin films; 8. Interdiffusion and reaction in thin films; 9. Grain boundary diffusion; 10. Irreversible processes in interconnect and packaging technology; 11. Electromigration in metals; 12. Electromigration induced failure in Al and Cu interconnects; 13. Thermomigration; 14. Stress migration in thin films; 15. Reliability science and analysis; Appendices: A. A brief review of thermodynamic functions; B. Defect concentration in solids; C. Step-by-step derivation of Huntington's electron wind force; D. Elastic constants tables and conversions; E. Terrace size distribution in Si MBE; F. Interdiffusion coefficient; G. Units, tables of conversions, period table.


King-Ning Tu is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 1968, he has gained 25 years' experience at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center as a Research Staff Member in the Physical Science Department. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, The Metallurgical Society (TMS), and an Overseas Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University. Professor Tu has published over 450 journal papers, authored a book (Solder Joint Technology, 2007) and co-authored a textbook (Electronic Thin Film Science, 1992).
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