The Leadership Challenge Vision Book

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Juni 2010



Defines vision as: an ideal and unique image of the future for the common good. This title helps you to understand 'Inspiring a Shared Vision'. It guides you through the process of developing a clearer picture of that ideal future, and then helps you to communicate it more effectively to those who can help you implement it.


James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner are the bestselling coauthors of The Leadership Challenge, A Leader's Legacy, Credibility, Encouraging the Heart, and The Leadership Challenge Workbook, and over a dozen other books and workbooks on leadership. They also developed the highly-acclaimed Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), a 360-degree assessment tool based on The Five Practices. They are among the most sought-after scholars and educators on the subjects of leadership and leadership development. Dan Schwab has more than twenty years of experience as a trainer, facilitator, and coach and has consistently madeleadership development his passion and focus. He is currently a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge.
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