Urban Ecology

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September 2010



An overview of our current understanding of how people influence, and are influenced by, the 'green' component of urban environments.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements;
1. Urban ecology Kevin J. Gaston;
2. Urbanisation Kevin J. Gaston;
3. Urban environments and ecosystem functions Kevin J. Gaston, Zoe G. Davies and Jill L. Edmondson;
4. Individual species and urbanisation Karl L. Evans;
5. Species diversity and urbanisation: patterns, drivers and implications Gary W. Luck and Lisa T. Smallbone;
6. Urbanisation and alien invasion Stefan Klotz and Ingolf Kuhn;
7. Interactions between people and nature in urban environments Richard A. Fuller and Katherine N. Irvine;
8. Urban ecology and human social organisation Paige S. Warren, Sharon Harlan, Christopher Boone, Susannah B. Lerman, Eyal Shochat and Ann P. Kinzig;
9. Urban ecology and human health and wellbeing Jo Barton and Jules Pretty;
10. Bringing cities alive: the importance of urban greenspaces for people and biodiversity Jon Sadler, Adam Bates, James Hale and Philip James;
11. Integrating nature values in urban planning and design Robbert Snep and Paul Opdam;
12. Urban futures Michael L. McKinney; Index.


Kevin J. Gaston is Professor of Biodiversity and Conservation in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield. He has 20 years of research experience in environmental science, conducting studies both in the UK and overseas on a wide range of topics, including conservation prioritisation, ecosystem services, invasive species, people-wildlife interactions, and urban ecology.


"... thought-provoking and timely introduction to the ecology of our growing urban habitat." Peter Moore, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society
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