Voluntary Regulation of NGOs and Nonprofits: An Accountability Club Framework

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September 2010



Shows how nonprofit organizations and NGOs can demonstrate that they are using their funds appropriately and delivering on their promises.


The Club Framework: 1. Voluntary regulation of NGOs and nonprofits: an introduction to the club framework Mary Kay Gugerty and Aseem Prakash; Part I. Club Emergence: 2. Filling the gaps in nonprofit accountability: applying the club perspective in the US legal system Dana Brakman Reiser; 3. Trends and patterns in third-party accreditation clubs Woods Bowman; 4. Self-regulation at the state level: nonprofit membership associations and club emergence Mary Tschirhart; Part II. Club Sponsorship and Club Design: 5. Nonprofit infrastructure associations as reluctant clubs Dennis R. Young; 6. Foundation accountability clubs and the search for philanthropic standards Peter Frumkin; 7. Do self-regulation clubs work? Some evidence from Europe and some caveats from economic theory Andreas Ortmann and Katarina Svitkova; 8. NGO accountability clubs in the humanitarian sector: social dimensions of club emergence and design Maryam Zarnegar Deloffre; Part III. Club Design and Effectiveness: 9. The impact of sponsorship on club standards and design Angela Bies; 10. The emergence and design of NGO clubs in Africa Mary Kay Gugerty; 11. The benefits of accreditation clubs for fundraising nonprofits Rene Bekkers; Future Research and Conclusions: 12. Conclusions: nonprofit accountability clubs Aseem Prakash and Mary Kay Gugerty.


Mary Kay Gugerty is Associate Professor in the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, Seattle. Aseem Prakash is Professor of Political Science and the Walker Family Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington. He is the founding, General Editor of the Cambridge University Press Series on Business and Public Policy and the co-editor of the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Professor Prakash's research examines core issues in the study of governance: how do institutions emerge, how they diffuse and get adopted, and how they impact outcomes. In doing so, he studies the complex relationship of businesses with governments and non-governmental organizations. His recent work focuses on the emergence, recruitment/diffusion, and efficacy of voluntary programs in the for-profit as well as the non-profit sectors. He is also examining issues pertaining to (1) NGO advocacy, (2) Corporate Responsibility, and (3) the influence of trade and FDI networks on the cross-country diffusion of rules, standards, and norms in areas such as the environment, human rights, labor rights, property rights and women's rights. Aseem Prakash is author of Greening the Firm: The Politics of Corporate Environmentalism (Cambridge University Press, 2000), co-author of The Voluntary Environmentalists: Green Clubs, ISO 14001, and Voluntary Environmental Regulations (Cambridge University Press, 2006), and co-editor of Advocacy Organizations and Collective Action (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Voluntary Programs: A Club Theory Perspective (2009), Coping with Globalization (2000), Responding to Globalization (2000) and Globalization and Governance (1999). Professor Prakash received a joint Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Indiana University, Bloomington. His dissertation won the Academy of Management's 1998 Organization and the Natural Environment best dissertation award. Prior to gaining his Ph.D., he received an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and worked fo


'This important volume is a detailed and sophisticated exploration of an increasingly important topic in the nonprofit and philanthropic world: the role of accountability and self-regulation. The pressures for nonprofit and philanthropic accountability are growing, and voluntary regulation is a key means to fulfil that imperative. This book will be crucial for scholars, students, policymakers and others in understanding these accelerating demands on the nonprofit sector and the role that self-regulation can play.' Mark Sidel, International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) and University of Iowa
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