Harmony in Schubert

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September 2010



This book develops fresh ideas on harmony through analyzing the music of one of Western music's true innovators, Franz Schubert.


Preface; Part I. Methodological Orientation: 1. Harmonic progression; 2. Linear progression; 3. Common prolongations and successions; 4. Chords built on bII, on III, and from the parallel key; Part II. Masterpieces: 5. 'Ganymed' (D. 544); 6. Quintet in A Major ('Trout', D. 667), movement 1; 7. Symphony in B Minor ('unfinished', D. 759), movement 1; 8. Piano Sonata in A Minor (D. 784), movement 2; 9. 'Die junge Nonne' (D. 828); 10. Four Impromptus (D. 899); 11. 'Auf dem Flusse' from Winterreise (D. 911, No. 7); 12. Piano Sonata in B flat Major (D. 960), movement 1; Epilogue; Bibliography.


David Damschroder is Associate Professor of Music Theory at the University of Minnesota School of Music, where he teaches a range of courses devoted to the analysis of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century music, the repertoire that also serves as the focus for his scholarly writings and performance activities on fortepiano. His previous books include Thinking about Harmony: Historical Perspectives on Analysis, Music Theory from Zarlino to Schenker, Listen and Sing, and Foundations of Music and Musicianship.


Damschroder's book, a well-researched and thoughtful study of chromatic harmony in the music of Schubert (but which could easily apply to other nineteenth-century composers), will certainly give readers much to think about...his book will open novel imaginative spaces for thinking about harmony and will challenge the reader to consider harmony in both its local and global context." -Dutch Journal of Music Theory
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