The Application of the Precautionary Principle in Practice: Comparative Dimensions

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Oktober 2010



A critical overview of the application of the precautionary principle.


1. Introduction; 2. Risk and uncertainty: basic concepts and tools for the application of the precautionary principle; 3. The precautionary principle in international law; 4. The precautionary principle in EC law; 5. The precautionary principle in Sweden; 6. The precautionary principle in the United Kingdom; 7. The precautionary principle in the United States; 8. Conclusions.


Dr Joakim Zander is currently responsible for the free movement of goods and services at the EFTA Surveillance Authority in Brussels. He has previously worked as a legal officer in DG Enterprise of the European Commission and as a political assistant in the European Parliament. He holds a PhD in law from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and a Master of Laws degree (juris kandidat) from Uppsala University, Sweden.


'This book has advanced our understanding of the legal scope and application of the principle and is an essential text for environmental lawyers and practitioners as well as researchers, policy makers and students with an interest in environmental and public health regulation.' Environmental Liability 'Zander's proposal hits the nail on the head.' The Cambridge Law Journal
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