Practical ECG for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

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"Practical ECG for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine" guides readers from theory to applied interpretation of normal and abnormal ECG traces using over 70 real-life ECG readouts.


Chapter 1. The HeartChapter 2. Ways of Monitoring the Electrical Activity of the HeartChapter 3. The Normal ECG at RestChapter 4.The Abnormal ECG at RestChapter 5. Measuring the ECG during ExerciseChapter 6. The Athletes HeartsChapter 7. Athlete Case Studies


Professor Greg Whyte PhD FACSM is Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Science, Liverpool John Moores University. Professor Whyte is the Director of CRY Centre for Sports Cardiology at the Olympic Medical Institute where he focuses his main area of research interest around cardiac structure and function in health and disease.
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