Happy Toddler Mealtimes

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November 2010



This complete guide to feeding your toddler not only gives you meal plans, but also all the background you need to make the right choices about food groups and nutrients, with plenty of help to cope with fussy eating and tantrums


1. Healthy Eating for toddlers 2. what are the nutrients they need 3. Healthy Eating for Vegetarians 4. Fussy eating and food refusal 5. Coping with extreme faddiness and food refusal 6. Food allergies and intolerances 7. Buying food 8. Food Safety and Hygeine 9. Begining nursery and school 10. Looking ahead. Longer term investment Appendix 1 Menu plans Appendix 2 quick easy recipes Appendix 3 The Nutrients and their food sources


Judy More is the founder of the Child Nutrition consultancy. Previously a Paediatric Dietician for several hospitals and community trusts, she now runs a private consultancy offering nutritional advice to parents and children
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