Analytic Philosophy: The History of an Illusion

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Offers a novel, critical account of the origins and development of the dominant school of philosophy in the English-speaking world. This title argues that analytic philosophy has never involved significant agreement on substantive philosophical views, and thus that it has always been in this state of crisis.


Preface; Introduction: The Peculiar Career of Analytic Philosophy; Part I: The Crises in Analytic Philosophy; 1. The Identity Crisis in Analytic Philosophy; 2. A Crisis within the Crisis: The Problem of Revisionist History; 3. Against Revisionism; 4. On the Trail of an Illusion; Part II: Scientism and the Emergence of Analytic Philosophy; 5. The Root of the Illusion of Unity; 6. The Root of the Illusion of Promise; 7. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


Aaron Preston is Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Valparaiso University, USA.


"There is much to admire in this book. It is beautifully written, and it draws on discoveries from an impressive range of fields. Preston finds instruction in metaphilosophy and the sociology of philosophy as well as in the latest scholarship on the history of early analytic thought. He makes an important contribution simply by bringing work from these disparate fields together...Preston makes a compelling case that analytic philosophy has never been as unified as we usually assume. He also argues convincingly that our failure to see this results from biases that are largely unphilosophical...Preston has not said the last word about the history and the problems of analytic philosophy. But he has made important discoveries about it, some of which are genuinely troubling. Future histories will have to take his discoveries seriously." -Robert Piercy, Philosophy in Review
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