After Rorty: The Possibilities for Ethics and Religious Belief

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The first book to consider the impact of Rorty's position on religious belief. >


Introduction; 1. Contextualizing the Study - Philosophy, Ethics and the Possibilities for Religious Belief; 2. Rorty's Analysis of Traditional Philosophy; 3. Rorty, Religious Belief and Ethics; 4. Rorty and the Transformation of Theology; Works Cited; Bibliography; Index.


G. Elijah Dann is Visiting Research Fellow at The Center for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria, Canada. His previous publications include Philosophy: A New Introduction (co-edited with Douglas Mann), Wadsworth, 2004, and numerous journal articles.


"This book examines Rorty's metaphilosophy and his developing thought over the years on the possibilities for religion and political life...it should be of interest to those engaged in reflection about the political aspects and impacts of religion and theology...Dann exhibits and close and receptive familiarity with Rorty's corpus of writings, discerning developments and tensions within his thinking and incipient philosophy of religion, deftly tracking how his views have changed and nuanced over the years....Dann argues that as long as theologians and philosophers of religion keep in mind the limitations of philosophy, along with the limitations of God-talk, then there is no reason why they cannot continue to take God-talk seriously in the present post-Philosophical context....Dann shows that he is definitely an expert on things Rortyan...I do indeed recommend it, especially to those who undertake 'the analysis and criticism of political arrangements' from a theological perspective." - Political Theology--Sanford Lakoff "Political Theology "
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