Crime Scene to Court

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August 2010



This up-dated third edition covers the main areas of an investigation where forensic science is practised: the crime scene, laboratory and court.


Forensic Science;
The Crime Scene;
Trace and Contact Evidence;
Marks and Impressions;
The Forensic Examination of Documents;
Fire Investigation;
Drugs of Abuse;
Forensic Toxicology;
Alcohol Analysis;
The Analysis of Body Fluids;
Presentation of Expert Evidence in Court;
Subject Index.


Peter C. White started his career with Glaxo Laboratories as a research organic chemist. He then moved into analytical chemistry and the development of chromatographic techniques. After 6 years, he moved to the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory in London carrying out research and development on separation and detection methods to solve casework problems. During that time, he obtained a PhD on the development of novel mutli-wavelength detection methods and was made a fellow of the RSC. Fifteen years later, he moved to the Forensic Science Unit at the University of Strathclyde where he taught undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research at the University centred on the development of Raman spectroscopic techniques for ultratrace detection of solutes of forensic interest. He was appointed Director of the Unit but left in 2003 to become a Professor of Science at the University of Lincoln where he continued with his Raman research interests. In 2006, he was appointed a Fellow of the Forensic Science Society. Professor White took early retirement in 2009 and now runs his own forensic and analytical research consultancy. He has over 60 published papers, several book chapters and 8 patents to his name. He has also been invited to lecture at, and chair, many international conferences. Crime Scene to Court was his inspiration and he Edited both previous editions of the book.


'if one were to ask one hundred forensic scientists to define forensic science it is possible that one would receive one hundred different definitions'. Peter White, the editor, has done an excellent job once again in bringing together a collection of chapters which explore and explain this great diversity. The new chapters addressing techniques are forensic ecology, forensic entomology and forensic archaeology and forensic anthropology. It is clear from this book that forensic science is at its best when groups of specialists collaborate. I commend this book to students and practitioners of forensic science and indeed to all with an interest in the subject. -- Chemistry World, January 2011, Matthew Almond, Chemistry World
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