Functional Molecules from Natural Sources

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November 2010



This book is based on the proceedings of the conference, Functional Molecules from Natural Sources, held at Magdalen College, Oxford, in July 2009.


Antitumour Agents from Nature; From Natural Products to Medicinal Chemistry; New Approaches for Drug Discovery with Natural Products; Biosynthesis and Biosynthetic Engineering of Nonribosomal Lipopeptides; Why Natural Product Discovery Won't Meet the Requirements of Market-Driven Economics; Marine Natural Products; From the Seabed to the Hospital Bed; Development of Lantibiotics for Treatment of Nosocomial Infections; Imino Sugars: A Major New Group of Therapeutic Agents; Well, Naturally; Modifying Oxidation and Glycosylation Events in the Biosynthesis of Natural Product Anticancer Drugs u Challenges for Combinatorial Biosynthesis; Pleuromutilins: Antibiotic Optimisation for Human Therapeutic Use; Acetogenic Anthraquinones and Alkaloids - Online Structural Elucidation, Biosynthesis, Bioactivities and Total Synthesis; Finding New Antibacterials: Opening a Window on the Black Box of Natural Product Discovery; Potential Plant Natural Products for Management of Neglected Diseases; Chemical Diversity by Other Means: The Biosynthesis of Polyketide Drugs; Structural, Synthetic and Biosynthetic Studies on an 'Acyl Transferase-Less. Polyketide Antibiotic, Mupirocin; Switching on Defence Genes with Plant Secondary Metabolites; Natural Products as Leads for New and Innovative Crop Protection Chemicals


Stephen K. Wrigley has worked in the field of industrial natural products discovery and development for twenty five years. He is currently Chief Technical Officer at Hypha Discovery Ltd., a company exploring basidiomycetes as a source of pharmaceutical lead compounds. He previously held managerial and scientific positions focusing on microbial products discovery at RecombinoGen, Ltd., Cubist Pharmaceuticals (UK) Ltd, TerraGen Discovery, Inc., Xenova Ltd. and Glaxo Group Research Ltd. after obtaining BSc and PhD degrees in chemistry at Imperial College, London. Robert Thomas has been involved in natural products research for over sixty years, completing his PhD on fungal metabolite structure elucidation in 1951 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After working for the CSIRO in Australia and following postdoctoral studies in Canada and London, he joined the Squibb Institute for Medical Research in New Jersey. He subsequently held senior teaching positions at Imperial College, London and the University of Surrey and founded the plant product-based biotechnology company Biotics Ltd., based primarily at the University of Sussex. Professor Thomas was the chairman of the organising committee for Functional Molecules from Natural Sources and two previous natural products conferences organised by the RSC Biotechnology Group. Colin T. Bedford gained chemistry degrees from the Universities of Manchester and Glasgow and pursued postdoctoral research on the isolation, characterisation, biosynthesis and biomimetic synthesis of natural products at the Universities of Oxford, Sussex and British Columbia. He then joined Shell Research's Tunstall Laboratory undertaking research in chemical toxicology, where he progressed to Principal Scientist. He was then appointed to a senior lectureship at the University of Westminster pursuing research in natural product biosynthesis. Currently he is an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London. Following graduation with a London degree in physiology and chemistry, Neville Nicholson spent five years at the Chemical Defence Establishment at Porton Down before joining Beecham Pharmaceuticals. He remained with this company in its various forms for thirty years, participating in the elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway of the ?-lactamase inhibitor, clavulanic acid, and more recently specialising as a medicinal chemist with particular interests in small molecules of natural origin. He is now pursuing these interests as an Independent Scientist.


"... the value of this edited volume is indeed high and provides the expert and non-expert reader a snapshot of some of the latest developments in this area. The range of topics covered in this volume will be of interest to those within the field of natural product science, as well as those engaged in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. In general, the chapters are well written and presented. The editors have prepared a valuable contribution on natural product chemistry that will make a valuable addition to the broader chemistry community. The volume should be a must-read for those particularly involved in the area of medicinal chemistry." -- Mark Von Itzstein, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201102657 Angewandte Chemie
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