RNA Helicases

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Along with their protein twins, RNA helicases are the largest group of enzymes in the eukaryotic RNA metabolism, yet their function and classification are still debated. This is the first systematic overview of their biology, mechanisms, and structure.


Foreword: Found in translation - the discovery of the first RNA helicase, eIF4A; Chapter 1: An Introduction to RNA helicases: Superfamilies, Families, and Major Themes; Chapter 2: The dynamic life with DEAD-box RNA helicases; Chapter 3: Mechanisms of DEAD-box Proteins in ATP-dependent Processes; Chapter 4: The Biology of DEAH/RHA Proteins and Their Mechanism of Action; Chapter 5: RIG-I-like RNA Helicases: Multidomain Proteins in Antiviral Innate Immunity and Processing of Small Regulatory RNAs; Chapter 6: Ski2-like proteins: Biology and Mechanism; Chapter 7: Viral DExH Proteins; Chapter 8: Superfamily 1 RNA helicases: Biology and Mechanism; Chapter 9: Hexameric Viral RNA Helicases; Chapter 10: Transcription Termination Factor Rho: a Ring-shaped RNA Helicase from Bacteria


Eckhard Jankowsky is Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Physics at the Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA. He received his MS in Chemistry and PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the Dresden University of Technology in Germany. He then went to Columbia University, New York, as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Biochemisty and Molecular Biophysics. Subsequent to that, he became a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Physics at Stanford University, California, before his appointment as Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Physics in the Department of Biochemistry and the Center for RNA Molecular Biology at Case Western Reserve University. His honours and awards include: the Curt Engelhorn Postdoctoral Fellowship (awarded by the German Cancer Research Center) in 1997, the Damon Runyon Scholar Award (Lallage Feazel Wall Scholar) in 2003 and the Burroughs Wellcome Investigator Award (Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease) in 2007. He is also the author of numerous book and journal articles.
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