Captain Pugwash and the Mutiny

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September 2010



Two more funny stories featuring this lovable rogue.


John Ryan was born in Edinburgh and spent his early childhood in the UK and Morocco before moving back to England, where he worked for seven years as Assistant Art Master of Harrow School. Captain Pugwash first set sail over 50 years ago as a strip cartoon. Since then he has featured in books, films and theatres all over the world. Before his death in 2009 aged 88, John lived in Rye, Sussex, the home of smugglers in years gone by, with his wife Priscilla, who is also an artist. He has three children and a regular crew of grandchildren.


An old favourite and an enduring appeal... The illustrations are key to the enjoyment of this book - packed with humourous detail, they really add to the fun. Parents in Touch
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Untertitel: 'Captain Pugwash'. Sprache: Englisch.
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