Child Migration in Africa

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Februar 2011



Explores the mobility of children without their parents within West Africa. Drawing on the experiences of children from rural Burkina Faso and Ghana, this book provides material on the circumstances of children's voluntary migration and their experiences of it.


Preface Chapter 1: Introduction: Interrogating Childhood and Migration Chapter 2: Contexts of Migration Chapter 3: Choosing to Move: The Whys of Rural Children's Migration Chapter 4: Journeys and Arrivals: Introductions to New Social Worlds Chapter 5: Navigating Migrant Life - Processes of Constructing Identities Chapter 6. Moving On Bibliography


Dorte Thorsen is a visiting research fellow at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research at the University of Sussex. She has done ethnographic research with children and youth migrating from the Bisa region in south-eastern Burkina Faso to Ouagadougou and Abidjan and with their rural families in some twenty villages. Raising methodological questions about the way in which children's and youth's agency can be studied beyond a narrow focus on verbal negotiations, her research theorises decision-making processes linked with young migrants' performance of identities, urban labour relations and the enactment of relatedness. She has published book chapters and policy papers based on this research, and articles in the journals Migrations & Hommes, Africa, Forum for Development Studies and the Journal for Comparative Family Studies. Iman Hashim is a Research Fellow at the University of Sussex, working on children's independent migration from rural north-eastern Ghana to rural and urban central Ghana. Her current work builds on long-term ethnographic research undertaken in a farming community in north-eastern Ghana, where she focussed on the work of children for their own households, as well as on community attitudes toward education and children's experiences of education. She also has worked for national and international non-governmental organisations as a programme and a research officer.


'This well-written research-based text offers fascinating insights into the complexities of children's migrant experiences in West Africa. Based on ethnographic research in the rural sending communities as well as interviews at the migrant destinations, Hashim and Thorsen use indepth empirical examples in order to place children's accounts at the centre of their analysis. A timely, comprehensive and engaging book which illuminates the diversity and challenges of understanding processes of children's migration.' - Samantha Punch, University of Stirling 'Without either romanticising children's resilience or disregarding their agency, this book places children's voices and views at the centre of a careful and cogent analysis of children's independent migration in West Africa. Original, intelligent and accessible, it adds significantly to current academic and policy debate on childhood, migration and mobility.' - Prof Julia O'Connell Davidson, University of Nottingham
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