Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families

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September 2010



Focussing specifically on the issues that affect students with disabilities, the authors offer advice on everything from dealing with college entrance exams and the college application process, to selecting the right college, visiting the campus, and achieving medical and financial independence away from home.


1. The Legal Landscape.
2. Getting Started.
3. What's a Disability?
4. Creating a Paper Trail.
5. College Admissions Tests.
6. Selecting a College.
7. Application Advice.
8. The Campus Visit.
9. It's Off to Work We Go.
10. Medical Management without Mom.
11. Keys to Competence.
12. Pulling it all Together.
13. Money Matters. Resources. Notes. Index


Susan Yellin is an attorney and founder of The Center for Learning Differences, a New York-based nonprofit organization that runs an annual Life After High School program for students with disabilities. She is also head of the Advocacy and Transition team at the Yellin Center for Student Success, which provides educational evaluations and support for students of all ages. She and her husband, Dr. Paul Yellin, have three sons, one of whom has complex learning and medical issues, and all of whom have made the transition from high school. Susan lives in New York State. Christina Cacioppo Bertsch is the former Director of Disability Services for Fordham University in New York and the founder of CCB Educational Consulting Corp. Christina and her husband, a high school administrator and supervisor of guidance, have two daughters. Christina lives in New York State.
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