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September 2012



Based on an approach the author has developed over many years of executive coaching at the highest level, Lived Time offers a fundamentally new approach to time management - a holistic rather than mechanical approach, providing a series of experiments to improve our understanding of time throughout our daily lives.

The book is designed to re-educate the reader's sense of time to discover they have all the time in the world to live life. It explores the limitations of a world view that sees 'time as money' and gives the reader a way to develop a world view that sees'time as life'instead.

The author shows how time cannot be 'managed' in the traditional sense through a mere set of prioritisation models, but must be seen as an integral part of our lifestyle choices.


Mariana Funes is an experienced cognitive coach who works with clients to help them develop a skilful mind . A published author, chartered research psychologist and meditation teacher, at peace with life with all the time in the world to be of service to others and walk her dog Colin, a little Jack Russell that has changed her life. Find me on the web at www.marianafunes.co.uk
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