Otter Moon

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September 2010



Flibberty is a young otter who spends his nights dreaming and staring at the moon instead of catching fish.


Tudor Humphries was born in 1953 and spent his childhood constantly drawing or lost in books. He trained as a costume and set designer for the theatre and was deeply influenced by the lighting and drama of theatre productions. Having qualified, Tudor returned to his first love, books, and moved to the rural backwater of North Devon with his wife. He became a landscape painter, wildlife artist and children's book illustrator. He spends as much time as possible out in the landscape, looking for wildlife, drawing deep inspiration from the natural, atmospheric world around him.


'A hauntingly magical fantasy.' Northern Echo 'Humphries's lyrical prose, festooned with internal rhymes and wordplay, is perfectly matched to his beautiful dusky watercolors. They shine with a silvery light, investing the adventure with a suitably majestic magic. First rate.' Kirkus Reviews A jewel of a book. Carousel Whimsical yet lyrical, it is a lovely exploration of the riverbank and perfect for those who love a bucolic tale. Bookseller
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