Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens: A Scientific and Moral Assessment of Cannabis Use

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Februar 2010



Matthew Stolick presents a detailed social and scientific exploration of the social history of cannabis, chemical make-up of the cannabis plant, and effects of cannabis use. Applying the moral thought of Aristotle, Kant, Mill, and Christianity, Stolick demonstrates the amoral nature of cannabis use.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Two Realities that Dictate the Meaning of Cannabis Use in the U.S. Chapter 2 1. The Plant-Brain Connection: The Neurological Truth about Cannabis Use Chapter 3 2. Experienced and Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis Use Chapter 4 3. The Acute and Chronic Harms Associated with Cannabis Use Chapter 5 4. Western Responses to the Unknown: Foundational Events Creating the Social Reality of Cannabis Use Chapter 6 5. Revealing the Current Social Reality of Cannabis Use in the United States Chapter 7 6. Utilitarianism, On Liberty and Cannabis Use Chapter 8 7. A Kantian Assessment of Cannabis Use and Law Chapter 9 8. Aristotle on Cannabis Use and Law: The "Means" of Temperance and Justice Chapter 10 9. Old Testament and Cannabis Chapter 11 10. Christian Ethics and Cannabis Use Chapter 12 11. Conclusion: The Essence of Cannabis Law: Avoiding Change at All Cost 13 Index


Matthew Stolick is associate professor of philosophy at Findlay University in Ohio.


Matthew Stolick reviews the science and medicine but goes further in explicating the folly and futility of using the law to punish users of this drug by carefully exploring how the fields of philosophy, religion and ethics further inform the issue. His powerful treatment of the subject leaves little doubt that the long-standing prohibition of marijuana is an anachronistic and harmful absurdity. -- Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of Marijuana Reconsidered and Marijuana: The For This comprehensive examination of the cannabis issue is highly accurate in its scientific analysis, broadly multi-disciplinary, and highly worthy of attention. The philosophical arguments advanced are quite thought-provoking in their examination of cannabis policy. It portends to be a very significant contribution to the field. -- Ethan Russo, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor at the Cannabinoid Research Institute
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