Terrorism in Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terror

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April 2010



The study, Terrorism in Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terrorism, represents a research endeavor aimed at increasing scholarly discourse on the ever-expanding threat of terrorism and terrorist-related violence in the region. It offers the most wide-ranging analysis of the sub-national and transnational terrorists groups that have made Africa the second most violent region in the world. Additionally, the study expands the coverage of the multiple dynamics that indicate why terrorist-related violence continues to increase in the region and closes with regional solutions to the threat of terrorism. This collection of essays offers a comprehensive analysis of the states, terrorist groups, and critical issues that have increased the specter of terrorism in Africa. The study is divided into three themes: (1) the diversity of the terrorist threat among states in the region, (2) the regional dynamics and the local response to terrorism, and (3) regional solutions to the threat of terrorism in Africa.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 PART I: States In Africa-A Diverse Terrorist Menu Chapter 3 Chapter 1 An Islamic Solution to State Failure in Somalia? Chapter 4 Chapter 2 The State In Historical And Comparative Perspective: State Weakness And The Specter of Terrorism in Africa Chapter 5 Chapter 3 Terrorism in West Africa: Real, Emerging or Imagined Threats? Chapter 6 Chapter 4 Terrorism in North Africa Part 7 PART-II: Regional Dynamics And Responses To Terrorism Chapter 8 Chapter 5 Terrorism and Islam in Africa Chapter 9 Chapter 6 Understanding Terrorism in Africa Chapter 10 Chapter 7 Confronting Disaster: Terrorist Safe Havens in Africa Part 11 PART III: Regional Solutions To The Threat Of Terrorism Chapter 12 Chapter 8 Rethinking Developmental Practices as a Panacea for Terrorism in Africa Chapter 13 Chapter 9 The Imperative of Good Governance and Strong Democratic Institutions to Spur Development and Prevent the Expansion of Terrorism in Africa Chapter 14 Chapter 10 Evaluating Counterterrorism in Africa Chapter 15 Chapter 11 Vital Cog: African Intelligence Efforts and the War on Terrorism Chapter 16 Chapter 12 Transforming The War and Terrorism: Examining Human Security Solutions in the Horn of Africa Chapter 17 Chapter 13 From Blueprint to Implementation: Assessing the Progress of the African Union in the Fight Against Terrorism Chapter 18 Conclusion: The African Response To Terrorism: An Assessment


John Davis is a professor at Howard University.


This volume offers a timely and necessary contribution to the scholarly research on Africa's security challenges and helps inform the global community's efforts to secure a better future for the continent. -- James Forest, Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
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