Revolution in Penology: Rethinking the Society of Captives

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Juli 2010



Revolution in Penology is a thoroughly original and thought-provoking critique of penal harm, the recursive pains of imprisonment cycle, and the normalization of violence.


Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Part I. Developments In Constitutive Theory and Penology
Chapter 1: From Constitutive Criminology to Constitutive Penology
Chapter 2: Constitutive Penology
Chapter 3: The Phenomenology of Penal Harm Part II. Developments in Constitutive Practice and Penology
Chapter 4: Constitutive Penology and the "Pains of Imprisonment"
Chapter 5: The Shadow and Stranger in Constitutive Penology Conclusion References Author Index Subject Index About the Authors


Bruce A. Arrigo is professor of crime, law, and society in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Dragan Milovanovic is professor in the Justice Studies Department at Northeastern Illinois University.


Arrigo (Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte) and Milovanovic (Northeastern Illinois Univ.) provide a provocative and critical examination of the US penal system. Highly theoretical (postmodern), ... it is nonetheless very well argued. Recommended. CHOICE, November 2009 This is an important book...The great strength of the book is that it refrains from trying to offer a comprehensive theory of penological institutions and their effects, and instead attempts to ignite debate as well as a particular praxis. Punishment and Society This book is, in my view, quite simply the most important penological text since Discipline and Punish. It should be read by all involved or implicated in the penological enterprise, and that means every one of us. Social and Legal Studies By developing 'constitutive penology,' Arrigo and Milovanovic offer a sophisticated theoretical foundation to an emerging anti-penal harm movement critical of the 30 years prison boom and mass incarceration... Revolution in Penology offers a fresh perspective on penology, develops a new theoretical perspective on the prison experience, and deepens the critique of penal harm. Theoretical Criminology
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