Introduction to Ethics: A Reader

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As the perfect companion to introduction to ethics courses, Dell'Olio and Simon's reader includes the most influential ethical theories without overwhelming the beginning student. It contains a variety of readings encompassing contemporary and classic philosophers, male and female perspectives of both western and non-western ethical traditions, and readings in both theoretical and applied ethics as well as a section on 'living the good life.' Useful introduction with thought provoking study questions and suggestions for further readings accompany each chapter which make it easier for students to understand and appreciate their reading.


Chapter 2 Introductions: Ethics: Thinking about Right Conduct Chapter 3 Chapter 1: Religion and Morality Chapter 4 Bible selections Chapter 5 Koran selections Chapter 6 Bhagavad-Gita selections Chapter 7 "God and the Basis of Morality" Chapter 8 "Commands for Grownups" Chapter 9 Declaration Toward a Global Ethic Chapter 10 Study Questions Chapter 11 Chapter 2: Moral Relativism Chapter 12 "Statement on Human Rights" Chapter 13 "The Case Against Ethical Relativism" Chapter 14 "Moral Relativism Defended" Chapter 15 "Female Circumcision/Genital Mutilation and Ethical Relativism" Chapter 16 Study Questions Chapter 17 Chapter 3: Natural Law Theory Chapter 18 from Summa Theologiae Chapter 19 "The Scholastic Theory of Moral Law in the Modern World" Chapter 20 "The Principle of Double Effect" Chapter 21 "The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect" Chapter 22 Study Questions Chapter 23 Chapter 4: Utilitarianism Chapter 24 from Utilitarianism Chapter 25 "Against Utilitarianism" Chapter 26 "Rule Consequentialism" Chapter 27 "Famine, Affluence, and Morality" Chapter 28 Study Questions Chapter 29 Chapter 5: Ethics of Duty Chapter 30 from Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals Chapter 31 "Kantian Ethics" Chapter 32 from The Right and the Good Chapter 33 "Killing, Letting Die, and the Trolley Problem" Chapter 34 Study Questions Chapter 35 Chapter 6: Virtue Ethics Chapter 36 from Nicomachean Ethics Chapter 37 from Analects Chapter 38 from An Inquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals Chapter 39 from After Virtue Chapter 40 "Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments" Chapter 41 Study Questions Chapter 42 Chapter 7: Challenges to Traditional Moral Theory Chapter 43 from Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy Chapter 44 from Beyond Good and Evil Chapter 45 "Feminism and Moral Theory" Chapter 46 from The Ethics of Identity Chapter 47 "Nihilism in Black America" Chapter 48 Study Questions Chapter 49 Chapter 8: Living a Good Life Chapter 50 "Philosophy as a Way of Life" Chapter 51 from Phaedo and Republic Chapter 52 from Handbook Chapter 53 from Tao te Ching Chapter 54 from Ethics for a New Millennium Chapter 55 Study Questions


Andrew J. Dell'Olio is a professor of philosophy at Hope College. Caroline J. Simon is a professor of philosophy at Hope College.


This is a quite wonderful collection of essays with splendid introductions. Andrew Dell'Olio and Caroline Simon have provided a book that begs to be taught and the invites reflection not just about moral theory but about our moral lives. -- Allen Verhey, Duke Divinity School This is an excellent introductory ethics reader. Selections are wisely chosen, with attention paid to both theoretical and applied ethics, classical and contemporary authors, Eastern and Western traditions, and religious and non-religious perspectives. The well-written introductions to the selections and the helpful study questions will prove useful to both student and instructor. -- Kelly Clark, Calvin College
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