Fit to Bust

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There will always be business failures but when you look at who fails, when and how, it's often shocking how far and how fast great companies can fall.Fit to Bust is an eye-opening investigation of the causes of that failure - whether it's a global financial crisis or a single disastrous decision that undermines years of hard work. Tim Phillips casts a wry eye over the biggest business disasters of recent history to provide you with the inside story behind the news stories, from the collapse of Enron to the downfall of Woolworths, to understand why smart people make bad decisions.With a particular focus on business detail, management and decision making, Fit to Bust takes us inside the mind of the CEO to teach us how to spot a disaster and look critically at the companies you work for, invest in or buy from. With case studies and interviews, learn why the recession happened and how to avoid the mistakes that led to it.


Chapter - 01: Bad behaviour; Chapter - 02: Too good to fail; Chapter - 03: It worked last time; Chapter - 04: Modern Rambos; Chapter - 05: All together now; Chapter - 06: Greater fools; Chapter - 07: Look what we made; Chapter - 08: Almost revolutionary


Tim Phillips


In Fit to Bust Tim Phillips takes us on a fascinating if uncomfortable tour of the once mighty corporations which have unceremoniously imploded over the past decade, exploring the notion that the same obsessive desire for success which made them household names also led to their downfall...Rather than the exercise in Schadenfreude it could so easily have become, Fit to Bust strives to understand and learn lessons from patterns of flawed thinking which run through our most notable failures. CA magazine 20110401 An entertaining romp through the growing list of spectacular business failures, from both the recent and not-so-recent past. By exposing some of the issues and outlining how to recognise the warning signs in advance, the book may go some way to helping managers avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Professional Manager Magazine 20110721
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