IQ and Psychometric Tests

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IQ and psychometric tests are increasingly used in recruitment and selection procedures by those companies who want to ensure they employ workers of the highest calibre. With hundreds of questions on verbal, numerical and spatial ability, memory, creativity and personality, IQ and Psychometric Tests will help you to weigh up your strengths and weaknesses and improve your score. It also includes two full length IQ tests. Vital preparation for anyone facing these tests as part of a recruitment procedure, IQ and Psychometric Tests will also appeal to anyone who enjoys stretching their mind and exercising their brain.


Chapter - 00: Introduction; Chapter - 01: Verbal intelligence tests; Chapter - 02: Culture-fair intelligence tests; Chapter - 03: Numerical calculation and logic; Chapter - 04: Logical reasoning; Chapter - 05: Lateral thinking; Chapter - 06: Technical aptitude; Chapter - 07: Mental agility; Chapter - 08: IQ tests; Chapter - 09: Creativity; Chapter - 10: Personality tests; Chapter - 11: Answers, explanations and assessments


“Provides the opportunity for identifying your own strengths and weaknesses. Philip Carter’s style of writing is easy to understand, worth reading and also enjoyable.” Career Secretary "IQ and Psychometric Tests, stretches your mind and helps you to improve your score on such tests." Voluntary Sector magazine, December 2007
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