How to Prepare a Business Plan

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A good business plan should impress potential financial backers by clarifying aims, providing a blueprint for the future of your company and a benchmark against which to measure growth. How to Prepare a Business Plan explains the whole process in accessible language and includes guidance on: producing cash flow forecasts and sample business plans; expanding a business; planning the borrowing; and monitoring business progress. The author introduces several small businesses as case studies, analyses their business plans, monitors their progress and discusses their problems. Whether looking to start up or expand, this practical advice will help anyone to prepare a plan that is tailored to the requirements of their business - one that will get the financial backing you need.


Chapter - 00: Introduction; Chapter - 01: Writing a business plan; Chapter - 02: Simple cash flow forecasts; Chapter - 03: The very small business; Chapter - 04: Retail and catering; Chapter - 05: Manufacturing; Chapter - 06: Expanding a business; Chapter - 07: The market; Chapter - 08: Planning the borrowing; Chapter - 09: How not to write a business plan - or run a business; Chapter - 10: Maintaining the plan; Chapter - 11: Small business and the trade cycle; Chapter - 12: Monitoring progress


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"This book is highly recommended for anyone starting a new business or wanting to develop a new plan for an existing business." - Poppy J.
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