Nearby History

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September 2010



Acclaimed for nearly thirty years as the most comprehensive introduction to research in North American family and community history, and now thoroughly updated, this book is essential for aspiring and practicing public and local historians.


Preface to the Third Edition Acknowledgments
Chapter 1. Why Nearby History?
Chapter 2. What Can Be Done Nearby?
Chapter 3. Traces and Storytelling
Chapter 4. Published Documents
Chapter 5. Unpublished Documents
Chapter 6. Oral Documents
Chapter 7. Visual Documents
Chapter 8. Artifacts
Chapter 9. Landscapes and Buildings
Chapter 10. Preserving Material Traces
Chapter 11. Research, Writing, and Leaving a Record
Chapter 12. Linking the Particular and the Universal
Appendix A. Forms to Request Information from Federal Agencies
Appendix B. Sample Gift Agreements
Appendix C. Sources of Archival Storage Products and Information
Appendix D. Using the World Wide Web in Nearby History Index About the Authors


David E. Kyvig is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of History at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. Myron A. Marty is Ann G. and Sigurd E. Anderson University Professor Emeritus and Dean of Arts and Sciences Emeritus at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.


Kyvig and Marty have updated their classic work to embrace new technologies and perspectives, while still staying faithful to the principles of historical inquiry and analysis that have made it invaluable for anyone interested in exploring the past of the world nearby. After nearly thirty years, Nearby History still does what it has always done best-open up the exploration of history to all. -- James B. Gardner, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution It is a great pleasure to see Nearby History in a new edition that brings this public history classic up-to-date with instruction and information on using the internet and other new technologies for research. For more than one generation, Kyvig and Marty's book has served as an invaluable reference work - for amateurs and professionals alike. Now a new generation of students will benefit from their experience and sensible advice. -- Arnita A. Jones, Executive Director, American Historical Association David E. Kyvig and Myron A. Marty have produced a classic book that only gets better with age and updates. As technological advances allow ordinary individuals to capture images and audio in high-quality digital formats and become their own documentarian, Nearby History offers a how-to guide for anyone interested in high and low technology to document and discover the historical meaning of things under our very noses. -- Thomas F. Schwartz, Illinois State Historian Genealogists can be greatly helped by the recently released third edition of Nearby History, one of a series of technical books published by the American Association for State and Local History...Originally published in 1982, this third edition notes that changes in technology over the last 30 years means there are new ways to gather and preserve information, making this new edition necessary. With those updates in place, Nearby History can be a valuable tool to the 21st century genealogist. Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly 20110701 Nearby History has inspired individuals in college classrooms, local historical societies, libraries, and museums across the United States to promote historical understanding and methods through the use of local history. No doubt the book will continue to do so. Those teaching courses on local history, public history, or research methods would gain the most from Nearby History and should give it serious consideration. Teaching History
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