Borderlands: Ethnographic Approaches to Security, Power, and Identity

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April 2010



This book examines how different kinds of security and insecurity manifest and interconnect at state borders, encompassing the personal and the political, the social and the economic, in ways that reinforce or undermine the identities of those whose lives these borders frame.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 Contributors Chapter 3 Chapter 1: Ethnography, security, and the 'frontier effect' in borderlands Chapter 4 Chapter 2: US-Mexico border cultures and the challenge of asymmetrical interpenetration Chapter 5 Chapter 3: Security and ethnography on the Triple Frontier of the Southern Cone Chapter 6 Chapter 4: Researching the border's economic underworld: The 'fayuca hormiga' in the US-Mexico borderlands Chapter 7 Chapter 5: Symbols of security and contest along the Irish border Chapter 8 Chapter 6: Borderland tactics: Cross-border marriage in the highlands of Borneo Chapter 9 Chapter 7: Fieldwork on the border: Ethnographic engagements in south-eastern Europe Chapter 10 Chapter 8: Gating ecology in a gated globe: Environmental aspects of 'securing our borders' Chapter 11 Index


Hastings Donnan is professor of social anthropology at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Thomas M. Wilson is professor and chair of anthropology at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Together, they have authored or edited many books and journals on borders, including Border Approaches: Anthropological Perspectives on Frontiers (UPA 1994), Border Identities: Nation and State as International Frontiers (Cambridge University Press 1998), Borders: Frontiers of Identity, Nation, and State (Berg 1999, 2001), European States at Their Borderlands (Focaal: European Journal of Anthropology 2003), and Culture and Power at the Edges of the State: National Support and Subversion in European Borderlands (Lit Verlag 2005). Contributors include: Matthew Amster (Gettysburg College), Josiah Heyman (University of Texas at El Paso), Hilary Cunningham (University of Toronto), Carmen Ferradas (Binghamton University), Melissa Gauthier (Binghamton University), Ioannis Manos (University of Western Macedonia).
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